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About Us

Dr. Lahab Al-Samarrai

Institute Founder

Executive Chairman

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Dr. Lahab Al-Samarrai is a licensed clinical psychotherapist with a Master’s Degree clinical psychology and PhD in clinical psychotherapy with a sub-specialty in child and adolescent psychotherapy.  He has been practicing for over twenty-one years in residential, clinical settings, schools, universities, and private settings.  Dr. Lahab has worked extensively with children, adolescents, and adults, providing individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, and group therapy, as well as lecturing and providing clinical supervision to new professionals.
Dr. Lahab serves as the Founder and Director of the Institute for Conflict, United States. The Institute For Conflict is focused on the healthy emotional and psychological development and treatment of the whole person. The IFC has a weekly Podcast called The IFC Individuation Podcast where topics on depth psychology and treatment are covered. The IFC is also consulting, teaching, and providing clinical interventions and we host an annual international conference. This year our 3rd annual conference is titled One World Theory: Reunification of the Opposites Unus Mundus (The Unified Cosmos) & The Inception of JAMP©. The IFC works on successful conflict resolution strategies at home, in schools, in hospitals, and companies around the world.
Dr. Lahab developed a propriety trauma treatment named Jungian Advance Motor Processing© (JAMP©). The IFC’s JAMP© treatment is revolutionary in the treatment of trauma, complex trauma, and complex PTSD. We at the Institute For Conflict have trained and certified 18 JAMP© Transformational Coaches to date.
The IFC in the US is a sister Institute of successful Zurich-based organization (, focused on teaching, clinical interventions, and international conferences about successful conflict resolution strategies in schools, hospitals, and companies.
Dr. Lahab has attended and presented at several international conferences on clinical psychology and on conflict in North America and in Western Europe, and has lived in and visited several countries in the Middle East, Europe, and North Africa. He is versatile, bilingual (in Arabic and English), and has been studying and exploring psychology, philosophy, political science, and multicultural issues for the past 28 years.
Dr. Lahab is the past President of Washington Counseling Association
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Nolan Wade


Consultant & Senior Learning Practitioner

IFC Team

Nolan Wade is a Senior Learning Practitioner and Consultant with a focus on learning technology and instructional design. With over 25 years of experience, Mr. Wade currently serves as the Chief People Officer for Above PAR Advisors, a boutique consultancy based in New York city which offers services in healthcare and healthcare education. His clients have included Fortune 50 organizations and higher educational institutions whose medical, dental, and nursing academic rankings are among the best and highest. Mr. Wade holds a Bachelors in Psychology and M.Ed in Curriculum Development and Adult Learning from DePaul University. He also enjoys endurance sports and is an active tri-athlete, cyclist, and marathon runner.


Bailey graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Colorado State University in 2019, and has been pursuing her passion for human psychology since.


She began volunteering at Loving Thunder Therapeutic Riding Center in January of 2020 to combine her love for horses and interest in therapy, and it’s here that she uses what she has learned to assist special needs riders and veterans with their therapeutic lessons, and works with the lesson coordinator to tailor each lesson to each rider’s needs.


She is the editor and co-author of two books on Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and is now working towards her goal of becoming a certified JAMP© Transformational Coach.

Bailey Samples
Director of Administration
& Secretary
IFC Team

Dr. Eric S. Tomlinson M.S., Ph.D. has earned a Doctorate in Psychology. He spent 30 years in therapeutic services and has received the 2014 Paul E. Hoffner Outstanding Service Award and the 2015 Chicago Campus Faculty of the Year award. He served as the Director of the College of Social Sciences for the Chicago Campus, University of Phoenix.  


He has earned five different certificates in children and adolescent functioning, assessment, and training, and served as a university intern supervisor for the campuses of the University of Chicago, the Jane Adams school of Social Work, Loyola University and the Illinois School of Professional Psychology, as well as developing their training curriculum.      

Dr. Eric Tomlinson
Vice President &
Research Lead
JAMP© Transformational Coach

IFC Team

Yageen is in the process of applying to medical school and aspires to becoming a Surgeon. She completed her A-level studies in London. She fluently speaks English, Arabic, and French. She has participated in many JAMP©️trainings and seminars since 2020. She has co authored two research papers with Dr. Lahab and Dr. Eric. Currently she is a researcher and statical analyst 

Yageen Al-Sammarraie
Statical Analyst
IFC Team
lisa photo.jpg

I support individuals who desire to make a transformational change in their lives toward freedom.  I believe that within us is the strength and grace to release ourselves from whatever roadblock has presented or presents before us.  


My mission, as your transformational coach, is to provide a safe and powerful platform of self discovery, movement and release so you can embrace yourself, wholly, and live a life of possibility.

Dr. Lisa Hong
Brand Manager
JAMP© Transformational Coach

IFC Team

James Malamas is a 2021 graduate from Arizona State University. He got his bachelors in Sports Journalism from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.


He also received a minor in Business. James started with the IFC in 2020 and continues to help produce the IFC’s Individuation Podcast.

James Malamas
Podcast Editor
IFC Team
Taylor Coaching photo.JPG
Taylor Barnett
JAMP© Transformational Coach

IFC Team

Taylor Barnett has lived and traveled all over the world, as a teacher and therapist. While living in Alaska she gained knowledge of how connection can assist people in their mental, physical, and emotional growth. Working with these students allowed her to connect to not only herself, but others, and laid the foundation for how she wanted to contribute to the rest of the world. She felt drawn to deeply intimate, interpersonal work that occurred with kids, adults, and families, and decided to complete a Masters in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Taylor has worked in domestic violence, foster care, schools, and outpatient treatment centers in both Washington and California.

Currently, Taylor works as a Certified Coach and Psychotherapist. At her practice, she offers Conscious Breathwork, Jungian Advanced Motor Processing, and integrates Somatic psychology and Mindfulness into her clinical work. Taylor is a responsive, reflexive, and embodied counselor that allows for the performative aspect of the body to enter the therapeutic space.

Her mission is to light a spark in the souls of those she works with. This spark guides them back to their truth, warms their heart in love, and energizes their body so they can continue to pass on the spark to others.

“The divine spark within me honors the divine spark within you.”

Christy Foster
Cranio-Sacral Therapist
JAMP© Transformational Coach
IFC Team

Christy Foster is a Cranio-Sacral therapist and a pioneering educator, speaker, and mentor in the field of Body-Mind Integration. She specializes in teaching Health and Wellness practitioners on how to interpret the subconscious language of the body.

Christy is the first certified teacher of the Psychosomatic Therapy Process in the United States by the Psychosomatic Therapy College, Australia. Her proven system is derived
from her 28 years of practical application and education in advanced therapeutic techniques, including Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Emotional Release Trigger Point Therapy, Spinal Touch Therapy, Licensed Massage Therapy, and Energetic-balancing

Christy’s mission is to empower and create self-awareness for her students and clients. The education she provides serves as a supplement to the expertise of a broad range of
Health and Wellness practitioners, therapists, and individuals -- empowering them to enhance their practices and lives to facilitate more comprehensive and effective therapy.

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