Our Presenters
Allan Guggenbühl, Ph.D.

Psychologist & Psychotherapist

Dr. Allan Guggenbühl completed his studies in psychology and education in Zurich. He was seminary teacher for psychology and education in the Kindergarten and Horteminar of the Canton of Zurich, as well as serving as head of the psychotherapy groups for children and adolescents in the educational counseling of the canton of Bern. Today he heads the Institute for Conflict Management and Mythodrama in Zurich and Bern (www.ikm.ch). Additionally, he is a professor at the College of Education of the Canton of Zurich. Guggenbühl has published numerous publications on violence and aggression among children as well as male identities, including "Klei­ne Ma­chos in der Kri­se," "An­lei­tung zum Mob­bing," and "Pu­ber­tät echt ät­zend."

Lahab Al-Samarrai, Ph.D.


Dr. Lahab Al-Samarrai is a licensed clinical psychotherapist with a master’s degree clinical psychology and Ph.D. in clinical psychotherapy and a sub-specialty in child and adolescent psychotherapy. He has been practicing for over 19 years in residential settings, clinical settings, schools, universities, and private settings. Dr. Lahab has worked extensively with children, adolescents, and adults, providing individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, and group therapy. He also lectures and provides clinical supervision to new professionals.

He is active in research and writing and has a relationship with the Jung Institute and the Institute for Konflict Management and Mythodrama in Zurich. Dr. Lahab is the CEO of the Institute for Conflict in the United States. The Institutes focus is to apply specific techniques for conflict management and conflict resolution that has successfully reduced incidents of bullying and improved conflict resolution challenges in schools, companies, and organizations. He is currently Assistant Professor at Bastyr University, and he has taught seminars in various universities, schools, and social service agencies throughout the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

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Rima Ghandour

Partner at Ghandour Law, LLC

Rima Ghandour is the principal of Ghandour Law, a full-service law firm in Portland, Oregon. For the last twenty years, Ms. Ghandour has concentrated her work in complex construction defect lawsuits, commercial litigation, real estate disputes, product liability, insurance coverage, and personal injury claims in state and federal courts. She is licensed to practice law in four states and is able to manage client concerns throughout the Northwest. Ms. Ghandour has presented on various legal and equity, diversity, and inclusion topics. She Ghandour earned a B.A. in International Relations from Colgate University in 1994 and a J.D. from the University of San Diego in 1998. Ms. Ghandour is active in the community and is a co-founder and Immediate Past President of the board of the Arab American Cultural Center of Oregon. She was chosen by the Oregon State Bar for their Leadership College. She was also the recipient of the Oregon State Bar 2017 President’s Diversity & Inclusion Award. Rima has served on the Oregon State Bar’s Diversity Section Executive Committee and is past Chair of the Multnomah Bar Association’s Equality and Diversity Committee.

Our Presenters
George Kurian

Photojournalist & Filmmaker

George Kurian is a filmmaker (Production/Direction/Camera/Writing), photojournalist, and writer based in Kabul, Afghanistan. He has worked in India, Afghanistan, Syria, Nepal, UK, Spain, Norway, Kenya, Turkey, and other parts of Europe and the Middle East. Mr. Kurian's film work has been featured on National Geographic, Discovery, BBC, Channel 4, Canal +, ZDF, Arte, TV2 (Norway), and Doordarshan. He has had photographs published in The Daily Beast, The Sunday Times, Maclean's/Rogers, Aftenposten (Norway), Dagens Nyheter (Sweden), The Australian, Lancet, IRIN, and through AFP. Mr. Kurian has also worked on a range of TV documentaries, from current affairs and history, to human interest and wild life in Asia and Europe. These documentaries have been broadcast on international networks like BBC, Channel 4, Discovery, National Geographic, Arts, ZDF, and Canal+.

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Christy Foster

CranioSacral Therapist

Christy Foster is a CranioSacral therapist and a pioneering educator, speaker, and mentor in the field of BodyMind Integration. She specializes in teaching Health and Wellness practitioners on how to interpret the subconscious language of the body.


Christy is the first certified teacher of the Psychosomatic Therapy Process in the United States by the Psychosomatic Therapy College, Australia. Her proven system is derived from her 25 years of practical application and education in advanced therapeutic techniques, including CranioSacral Therapy, Emotional Release Trigger Point Therapy, Spinal Touch Therapy, Licensed Massage Therapy, and Energetic-balancing Techniques.


As a teacher, Christy guides practitioners to deeply understand and implement the techniques of BodyMind Integration. Her students learn to systematically decode the two-way communication of the BodyMind. With this integral understanding of how the BodyMind profoundly impacts the physical, mental, and emotional health of every human being, practitioners become healers.


Christy’s mission is to empower and create self-awareness for her students and clients. The education she provides serves as a supplement to the expertise of a broad range of Health and Wellness practitioners, therapists, and individuals -- empowering them to enhance their practices and lives to facilitate more comprehensive and effective therapy.