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Jungian Advanced Motor Processing© (JAMP©)

"The difference between the "natural" individuation process, which runs its course unconsciously, and the one that is consciously realized is tremendous. In the first case, consciousness nowhere intervenes; the end remains as dark as the beginning. In the second case, so much darkness comes to light that the personality is permeated with light and consciousness necessarily gains in scope and insight. The encounter between conscious and unconscious has to ensure that the light that shines in the darkness is not only comprehended by the darkness, but comprehends it."
- Carl Jung

What is JAMP©?

JAMP©️ treatment helps release and integrate splinter images of past conflicts from the complexes where they are stored after they have been dissociated by our natural defense mechanisms using advanced hypnotic techniques, which help release the image fragments that are held in the complexes.


Once these fragmented images are released, they are understood by the Psyche as a symbol and can be integrated. The process in which we interact and receive information with our environment is thus: it starts as a stimulus that elicits an emotion/reaction that is then transformed into a feeling that becomes a thought, then it is transformed into a symbol that is integrated into the psyche. Thus, trauma follows a path where an emotion, such as fear or rage, or a stimulus (for example, a sound or image that is caused by the traumatic event) is dissociated in the complexes, because the traumatic event is so chaotic and terrifying to our Psyche it must dissociate.


Jungian Advanced Motor Processing©️ helps reintegrate what was once raw, unintegrated, emotionally triggering and disturbing material brought on by the trauma. The integration process starts a deep change in the individual’s Psyche, a process of profound integration, what Jung would call “Individuation”. Thus, the person will be able to be in their bodies and not dissociated from their bodies. Through the ability to be in one’s own body and not dissociated, the person can finally experience inner harmony and begin to heal. Moving forward with their lives with a freedom that has not been experienced for a very long time.

What does JAMP© Treat ?

This treatment has been studied and is known to be highly effective in reducing the following negative effects of dis-regulated emotional states and psychological disorders:


Anger, Sadness, Numbness, Confusion, Worry, Fear, Hurt, Negative Beliefs, Disbelief, Rage, Anxiety, Minimization, Denial, Pain, Revulsion, Guilt, Shame, Betrayal, Withdrawal, Embarrassment, Jealousy, Despair, Self-Blame, Doubt, Revenge, Brain Fog, Physical Discomfort, Dissociation, Shame, Trauma, Complex Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety, Body Image, Stress, Negative Thinking Patterns, Negative Self Talk, Self-Hate, Panic attacks, Panic Disorder, Sexual Trauma, Sexual Assault symptoms, Physical Trauma, Childhood Abuse, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Phobias, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Eating Disorders, Disturbing Thoughts & Memories, Flashbacks, Dissociative Disorders, Psychosomatic Disorders, Transitioning off of Psychotropic Medications, Sleep Disturbances, Self-Esteem and Self Defeating Behaviors.

Why JAMP©?

There is a great deal of psychic pain that affects the majority of people around the world. Many people reach a point in their lives where they feel the need to transform their lives and those of people around them. 

Working with a JAMP©️ transformational coach can help most people put their past, including all of their traumas, pain, perceived failures and losses, to rest, to help them move forward with their whole self to a better life, and transform them into the amazing/wonderful people they truly are.

What clients say about JAMP©


July 2022

After sustaining an injury that resulted in a partial knee replacement at the age of 27, I was left with constant knee pain, lingering atrophy, and imbalances in my legs and hips that made routine tasks like using a staircase nearly impossible. For over 2 years I had tried everything from extensive physical therapy and personal training to prescription painkillers and joint supplements. After exhausting all known recovery options, to no avail, I was willing to try anything. That is when I found Dr. Lahab. After learning about JAMP I decided to give it a try in hopes that it would help me recover from my lingering knee pain; what I received was so much more. After just one JAMP session my knee pain was completely gone. I went from not being able to air squat without excruciating hip and knee pain, to back squatting over 400lbs completely pain free. While JAMP helped me recover from my knee pain, it also helped me reach a level of peace and self-awareness that I had never experienced before. In the 5 sessions that I have taken so far, JAMP has helped me heal from traumas of my past that I did not even realize had such a profound impact on my life today. Through JAMP I have developed the ability to relax, decompress, and acknowledge my ability to choose how I respond and react to the things I cannot control. This treatment has redefined self-awareness for me, allowing me to know, accept, and appreciate myself. Creating a level of internal peace that I believe we can all benefit from. I cannot recommend JAMP enough to not just those struggling with known trauma, but anyone experiencing any difficultly or hardship in life. I can confidently say that Dr. Lahab and JAMP have changed my life in ways that I could have never imagined. And for that, I am eternally grateful. 


July 2022

Dr. Lahab Al-Samarrai was recommended to me by my veteran brother. I was reluctant to start, I didn’t think that my life was ever truly bad enough to need trauma therapy. However, by 27 I had been diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety, panic attacks which I was told were the cause of my nonepileptic seizures, PTSD, consistent hand tremors and on two controlled medications. My last physician appointment ended with a diagnosis of potential adult autism. 

After spending thousands in medical bills and years of failed medications and doctor visits, I lost hope of ever healing.

After the first session of JAMP with Dr. Lahab Al-Samarrai I instantly felt the most foreign and first uncomfortable feeling, it was calmness. The calmness I never knew existed.  The session released myself from the shackles of my own mind. Clearing my instilled consuming fear of abandonment, homelessness, rape, and abusive ex boyfriends which drove my subconscious thought process. 

I now feel free. These sessions have given me not just my life, but a future as well. I feel closer to my authentic self than I ever thought possible. I feel genuine hope. I have not only a will to live but a desire to succeed and create a future. JAMP helped me discover myself. My health conditions depleted after the first session. I am no longer bound by fears of the past which drove my every decision making as well as my physical and neurological health. 

My trauma was not just my own, it was generational. These sessions have allowed me to find my inner strength, my inner voice, and my inner self – with no pressure of anxiety, fear, guilt, shame, or sadness to weigh my mind, body, and soul down. Upon completing my 7th session, my mind set has completely shifted. The depression, anxiety, and guilt no longer plague my life. Through his sessions I have conquered generational trauma that I now no longer fright of passing down to my own children. 


February 2022

My 16 year old daughter was referred to Dr. Lahab for his JAMP therapy for sexual assault trauma. It happened 8 months ago, by someone she trusted and loved. It caused severe depression and anxiety, panic attacks, nightmares, isolation, etc. She had 3 sessions of JAMP in 8 days. I saw a difference in her after the first session, like a little confidence beginning to come back into her eyes. But after the 3rd session, it was like my daughter was back to who she was before the trauma happened. She was not closed off in her room on her phone. She was playing outside and laughing, running around with her siblings. Her color and light were back! Literally- the day after. 

It has been 8 weeks since her sessions. I can’t believe how our lives have changed. It is nothing short of a miracle. She has confidence, gotten a job she loves, gotten out of a relationship that wasn’t uplifting, sleeping great, off all meds, talks about hope in her future. Even talking about the trauma, the heaviness and fear are gone. Even for me, as her mother. It has shifted both of us. 

There continues to be circles coming together in her healing and growing process. She has more confidence and strength than I have ever seen. I am so thankful for this miracle therapy and for Dr Lahab. It was an answer to many prayers.

-Ms. X

June 2021

I had always felt that something was "wrong" with me and that I was "damaged goods" unable to be anything other than what I already was. Later in life I even viewed myself as being "genetically damaged" and therefore unable to become corrected or whole.
I was quite skeptical of engaging in this treatment simply because nothing had ever worked previously in alleviating my own personal psychological and physical symptoms. I had previously engaged in dream interpretation, counseling, psycho-therapy, psychological treatment, psychiatric treatment, analysis, and even medication, and all to no avail. My major symptoms included racing thoughts, mental chaos at times, persistent multiple voices (not external voices, rather my own voice thinking about multiple things almost at the same time), uncontrolled feelings at times, hyper-vigilance, hyper-arousal, repetitive scenes in dreams, and obsessive dreams. Also, difficulty with being able to singularly focus on one thing at a time unless in a completely silent environment.

After six JAMP treatment sessions, I now am experiencing a singular voice in my head, racing thoughts are now under my own control, the feeling of mental chaos is 90% gone, a 90% improvement in inward emotional control, dreams that no longer contain repetitive and obsessive dream scenes as I dream in full stories now. I am able now to focus singularly on whatever I am thinking of and incredibly enough I am also able to integrate multiple themes of thought into a whole almost simultaneously. Even more remarkable to me at least, is that I am now able to what they use to say “stop and smell the roses” meaning that I am able to for example, sit on the patio and watch a thunderstorm for an hour simply enjoying everything that I am perceiving, and am even able to listen to music now for the first time and actually feel the emotions and meanings of music in my body instead of only being able to appreciate it from an intellectual or mental point of view i.e. I am experiencing Joy when I listen and experience it. It has been a positive and miraculously shocking set of experiences for me personally. I am greatly indebted to the IFC for providing this lifetime assistance and curative help!    


December 2020

I have been engaged with Jungian Advanced Motor Processing, JAMP©, treatment for the past 4 ½ months, with weekly 90 minute sessions nearly every week during that time. Initially, I did not understand exactly what JAMP© was or how it worked. My partner began treatment about a month before I did, and after experiencing his results after 3-4 sessions, I was eager to try it out. JAMP© is a bit like Jungian analysis with eye-movement and bi-lateral stimulation thrown in. As a former mental health practitioner, I had a low opinion of EMDR, as it seemed to treat a single incident or trauma, and the effects were not lasting, usually with the client relapsing after about a year. JAMP© differs from conventional EMDR, to the best of my knowledge, by starting with the client, myself, free associating and talking about whatever is in the front of one's mind. Initially, for me, there was a huge off-loading of material that I had previously spent 15+ years in therapy trying to resolve.

Another piece of JAMP© is affirmations. After the initial part of a session, roughly 30 minutes, of me free associating, there is a period of affirmations, the therapist speaking the affirmation and myself repeating it. The sessions end with meditation while watching and listening to the bi-lateral stimulation and following the accompanying light bar. For myself, I began with what I perceived to be the most recent major trauma I had suffered, although it actually took me two or three sessions to identify the event as the trauma and realize what a huge impact it had had upon me. It had changed me significantly in many ways. After about four JAMP© sessions, I felt like my old self, but much better than my old self. I then began working on older material. We also worked on physical problems I had been having, most of which began after the most recent major traumatic event.

About 6-8 weeks into the treatment my analyst asked me to begin recording my dreams and sharing them with him, as material for our sessions. With his assistance, I can see clearly the progression of healing in my psyche from the content of my dreams. It is fascinating to me, from a clinical perspective, how JAMP© has created an accelerated healing process within myself, which is clearly reflected in my dreams. As I am feeling and functioning better and better, the JAMP© sessions are evolving, usually including some dream work as well as talking, affirmations, and meditation. I feel I have had better results with JAMP© in the past 18 weeks than I have in all the previous therapies in which I have engaged, including 15 years of psychotherapy.


October 2020
I have participated in weekly JAMP© sessions with Dr. Lahab Al-Samarrai for about five months and the results have been transformational and life changing. I have always been a sensitive person, one who took offense easily and was frequently triggered. Depending on the trigger my reaction ranged from a small zing to a rush of emotions that swept over me and left me paralyzed. The effects of these triggers could last for minutes or days or years, depending on the circumstances. I was in traditional therapy for about seven years and the severity of my symptoms decreased modestly. After JAMP© treatments I am very rarely triggered, and when I am the effect lasts a few seconds and then is completely gone. Situations come up almost daily that I know from a lifetime of past experiences would have triggered me before the treatments. As those moments pass with no reaction I now simply note the change. Before the JAMP© treatments I was very anxious. The severity would wax and wane, but the anxiety was never completely absent. My anxiety has dramatically decreased and I now have periods with none
at all. Working with Dr. Al-Samarrai I have uncovered feelings of which I was either unaware or did my best to suppress: specifically, rage, anger, guilt, and shame. Now these feelings are virtually non-existent.

I used to be very hard on myself and felt that, in many ways, I had to be perfect. I could accept mistakes in others but not in myself. Occasionally I would mentally go through my catalog of what I considered to be huge errors from my past so I could re-live the guilt and shame. Now when I think back on any of these past encounters I only feel compassion. In hindsight I can see that I was attached to my suffering. The JAMP© treatments have allowed me to release both the attachment to suffering and the suffering itself. I am calmer and more at peace than at any time in my life. The worrying, fretting and defensiveness that used to occupy my mind are almost completely gone, opening up vast space in my head. I can best describe my current baseline state as happy and serene with occasional mild anxiety. I very much look forward to future treatments and what they will reveal and unfold.


October 2020

I've been quite impressed by my experiences with JAMP as both a patient and a practitioner. I first experienced JAMP as a patient. After my first session, I felt I had awoken from a long dream and began to question many long-held assumptions and negative beliefs about myself and my life. After several sessions, I found myself feeling lighter and more alive, and I was able to have several difficult but necessary conversations that would not have felt approachable otherwise. As a practitioner, I've seen a single JAMP session slice through multiple complex layers of trauma that have severely impacted a person for years. One of the most remarkable aspects of JAMP is that the demeanor of patients often noticeably changes in a positive way after just one session - patients are often more open and relaxed and calm. The speed and the efficiency with which JAMP has allowed patients to process emotions and trauma is impressive and unlike any other process or tool I've used.


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