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About Our 2022 Conference:
Our 4th Annual IFC Conference, titled JAMP© Transformational Treatment & the Archetypes "You Can't See Me", will be taking place Thursday, October 13th, 2022, through Saturday, October 15th, 2022, in Salt Lake City, Utah (with the option of joining us online via Zoom).

Location: Salt Lake Community College Conference Center @ Miller Campus
Address: 9750 S 300 W, Sandy, UT 84070
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JAMP© Transformational Treatment and the Archetypes “You Can’t See Me”

Come join us and learn about our revolutionary treatment, Jungian Advanced Motor Processing©! 

Understanding the complexes that Jung also called archetypes will help illuminate where splinters of trauma embed themselves. Traumatic events force the internal defenses to split the trauma into fragments so they can be internalized in the psyche.  Traumatic fragments are absorbed into the complexes, which by their nature have evolved to defend us against complete psychic fragmentation. 

The Complexes are autonomous in nature, meaning they act independent of the Ego control. When trauma is triggered due to an emotion, thought, image, smell, sound, or a touch, the complex takes over the Ego and becomes a watcher that is helpless to intervene, somewhat like a theater goer who is strapped in their chair watching themselves on the screen like a movie. JAMP©️ treatment helps release and integrate these splinter images from the complexes by using the back-and-forth eye movement and bilateral audible beats sounds, which help release the image fragments that are held in the complexes. Once these fragmented images are released, they are understood by the Psyche as a symbol and can be integrated. 

The process in which we interact and receive information with our environment is thus: it starts as a stimulus that elicits an emotion/reaction that is transformed into a feeling that becomes a thought, then it is transformed into a symbol that is integrated into the psyche.

Thus, trauma follows a path where an emotion such as fear, rage, or a stimulus, for example a sound or image that is caused by the traumatic event is dissociated in the complexes, because the traumatic event is so chaotic and terrifying to our Psyche it must dissociated. 

Jungian Advanced Motor Processing©️ helps reintegrate what was once raw and unintegrated, disturbing material brought on by the trauma. The integration process starts a deep change in the individual’s Psyche a process of profound integration, what Jung would call Individuation. Thus, the person will be able to be in their bodies and not dissociated from their bodies. Through the ability to be in one’s own body and not dissociated, the person can finally experience inner harmony and begin to heal.

As children, adolescents and adults, many of us had traumatic experiences that have remained with us. These traumas are usually unique to every individual but as individuals we all have complexes. For example, a father complex and a mother complex are structures in the psyche that are there in part to protect and defend us, but these complexes are autonomous in nature. Thus, the complex can wreak havoc on us.

We are also exploring the Archetypes at this conference with some of the most innovative people in the field. 

“You Can’t See Me” Refers to the Archetypes and how they play in the world of form.

It is a beautiful, yet frightening time in the world, as humanity is being asked to step into a global consciousness, which requires walls to come down. In a reaction to this shift; fear, xenophobia, and racism are rising to high levels once again. To balance that spiral of fear, many of us are being called to rise higher in our actions. A study in Archetypes is a perfect mirror of accountability for us to begin to rise and vibrate higher and see the stories we are holding onto that no longer serve us. Especially stories that make us the “center” of the narrative. 

While Math is commonly referred to as the universal language archetypes are the universal language that predated all languages. Archetypes are how the universe converses, reflects, knows, and discovers itself through the human condition. We see this truth with many similar archetypal myths prophesied or playing out in various cultures with no shared common link, with the most prominent and recurring myth being that of the Virgin Birth of a Messiah. 

A lens on archetypes moves us out of the myopic and into the greater whole, as we begin to see that archetypes are how the universe communicates with itself through the human condition. It allows us to no longer take this human experience so personally. This course work will aid us to look within ourselves and others, past our differences, our “childish things”/shadows, as we move not only into a global collective but into galactic consciousness.

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