About Us

Mythodrama uses the creative process to bring the stories and identities which are unconscious into our conscious mind, so that they can be transformed and we can find new solutions to current conflicts.

is a drama and art-based group therapy procedure and a conflict resolution methodology that uses the creative process to access the inner narratives of a person or group. This allows the professional to illuminate and understand the unconscious processes (hidden conflicts) and how that creates the conscious conflicts. The illumination of those conflicts helps create many new solutions. 
Dr. Allan Guggenbühl developed Mythodrama in Switzerland. Dr. Guggenbühl discovered this process could help heal conflict within groups, and in an individual. Using stories and fantasies as metaphors, Mythodrama integrates the therapeutic improvisational theater technique of Psychodrama, with principals of psychological therapy treatment  He has since founded our sister institute, Institute for Conflict Management which has successfully provided conflict intervention for schools and businesses for over 20 years.