Institute for Conflict

In all Chaos 

there is a Cosmos,


In all Disorder a secret 


-Carl Jung

Third Annual IFC Talks
One World Theory:
Reunification of the Opposites
(the Unified Cosmos)
& The Inception of JAMP©

About JAMP© Training

JAMP©️ treatment helps release and integrate splinter images of past conflicts from the complexes where they are stored after they have been dissociated by our natural defense mechanisms using advanced hypnotic techniques, which help release the image fragments that are held in the complexes. Once these fragmented images are released, they are understood by the Psyche as a symbol and can be integrated. 

​​The JAMP© Training program is devised to teach an in-depth understanding of Jungian psychology, as well as how to master the fundamentals of the Jungian Advanced Motor Processing©️ (JAMP©) treatment that was developed by Dr. Lahab Al-Samarrai in May, 2020. 

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